School in Florida suspended student because of “Taxation is theft” cap
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School in Florida suspended student because of “Taxation is theft” cap


A freshman high school in Florida was suspended for 5 days because of his active position, which did not fit into the framework established by the state and, in particular, the school’s leadership.

The guy’s parents urged not to reveal his name, but said that on that day he wore a cap with the inscription “Taxation is theft” in the yard and handed out flyers calling for an end to the drug war. The rules of the state and schools do not prohibit these actions, but there is always a human factor that in this case provoked the fury of school officials who defend their worldview.

There should be no “other” opinion for the state, which is why employees decided to remove the guy as a punishment for how he sees the “state system of exactions”. If even at such an early stage in the struggle against the system and for his rights and freedoms, the student is faced with resistance, then he is going in the right direction.

The school did not comment on this incident, but according to the boy, they made a decision precisely because of the cap.

“The administration claimed that I can’t wear hats outside, when it actually says in the Florida Constitution that students can in fact wear hats or other headgear outside,” boy told the Free Thought Project.

It is reported that the school’s administration regarded the student’s actions as a threat and called the police when, in order to defend himself, the guy started recording on his phone. The deputy explained to school staff that the boy has the right to shoot without permission.

After the conflict seemed to be settled, the parents of the “rebellious” schoolchild received a notice of 5 days suspension.

“I was suspended out of school for five days for the flyers and refusing to turn them in and being skeptical of their claims of what the rules are,” said student, according to the Free Thought Project. “They lied to me about the hat rule, so I wasthinking that they might be lying again. They didn’t allow the opportunity for me to look up the rule because they knew that they could have possibly been wrong.”

School in Florida suspended student because of “Taxation is theft” cap

Author: Usa Really