Mentally unstable children destroy classes using the "Room clear" method
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Mentally unstable children destroy classes using the "Room clear" method


The concern of teachers is the widespread policy of promoting aggression among students in schools across the country. The "room clear" method, the so-called way to "calm down" a violent student, by leaving him alone in the class during an attack of aggression, after which, almost all things in the class are destroyed.

Obviously, this practice does not work. Teachers are afraid to work and be with uncontrolled students after incidents. A recent incident in Des Moines, Iowa, demonstrates the implications of the "Room clear" method. One of the elementary school teachers quits due to an attack by 7-year-old children.

Ashlee May, was attacked by a child who was not aware of the consequences. Since the child should not be responsible for his actions, he beat, kicked and tried to stab teacher by a pencil. When the situation reached rock bottom, May took all normal children out of the class, leaving the unstable child alone. When she returned, she saw a demolition, school desks and chairs were turned upside down, all personal belongings were broken and scattered.

Mother of the child in an interview with NBC NEWS, said “It makes me feel so bad”, smiles joyfully while saying that comment.

“I know he’s just a good kid,” said mother.

Today, these incidents are hushed up by schools, the state does not react in any way and does not provide the necessary psychological assistance to aggressive students and affected teachers.

Author: Usa Really