Female athletes see no way to defeat trans-athletes who consider themselves women
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Female athletes see no way to defeat trans-athletes who consider themselves women


Transgender athletes are killing competition in sports, a high school student said in a speech to the Supreme Court. Throughout the speech, protesters shouted “Go home, homophobe!”

Grace said that, seeing how a trans-athlete enters the field against you, motivation instantly disappears.

“It’s confusing. Your entire team’s focus and motivation is lost and defeated before you even start,” she told, which literally shows how team’s spirit of “Yes, we can!” was quickly replaced by “Why try?”

According to studies, men who think they are women do not lose their physical benefits, even after 1 year of hormonal treatment. The International Olympic Committee allows transgender women to compete against biological women, and at the moment, transgender people are much stronger.

Many studies have been conducted on this topic and all researchers claim that treatment alone is not enough to balance the strengths of women and men.

“For example, hormone therapy will not alter bone structure, lung volume or heart size of the transwoman athlete, especially if she transitions postpuberty, so natural advantages including joint articulation, stroke volume and maximal oxygen uptake will be maintained,” the researchers explained, according to Breitbart.

Some events that have resonated in society have already been covered. Trans-athletes such as JayCee Cooper and Jonathan Eastwood have recently stirred up the sports world with their performance, proving that they have no and will not be equal in their disciplines. It also creates a tendency that in the future there will be no women's competitions, all biological women athletes will be replaced by more physically developed “former men” or women will be officially allowed to take doping in order to at least get closer to transgender rates.

Author: Usa Really