Robocop failed real-life conditions test in California
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Robocop failed real-life conditions test in California


On October 4, Cogo Guebara accidentally witnessed a fierce fight near Salt Lake Park. She noticed a passing robot with the inscription “Police” and immediately rushed to him, but in response to pressing the help button, she only heard ‘step out of the way’.

“It just kept ringing and ringing, and I kept pushing and pushing,” said Guebara.

Having received no answer, standing next to him, Rudy Espericuta called the rescue service and after 15 minutes, doctors and police arrived. By that time, the fight had already ended, and the robot went "about his business."

According to Knightscope, a manufacturer of egg-shaped police robots, today HP RoboCop is not equipped to communicate with the police station or provide other assistance to victims. It is worth noting that for the city, renting this “wonder device” costs $ 70,000 per year.

Knightscope has been involved in security robots and “robocops” for several years: they are mainly purchased at shopping centers, airports, stadiums and other facilities. Devices are periodically criticized for being "useless." The most famous incident with Knightscope robots is when one of them “drowned” in a fountain.

The city police do not specifically advertise “robocops” and their functionality due to the fact that the artificial intelligence declared by the manufacturer is currently not functioning, many functions are being finalized and soon crime reports will be available by pressing a button on the robot.

Author: Usa Really