Republicans of the Republican Majority for Choice Leave the GOP
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Republicans of the Republican Majority for Choice Leave the GOP


WASHINGTON — June 27, 2018

According to RMC leaders Susan Bevan and Susan Cullman, they refuse to support a party that has rightly earned the label anti-woman and anti-common sense.

"We have fought long and hard for the rights of women and their families, and sought common ground when friction arose within the party, the two women wrote" they wrote in “Why We Are Leaving The G.O.P.”

Trump is responsible for the rise in hostility toward women, and the two “don’t have the space to outline President Trump’s transgressions,” they wrote.

"Our successes were dismissed by party leaders who became increasingly beholden to the social extremists who were winning primaries in our broken, gerrymandered electoral system." they added.

To the knowledge of the RMC “work with legislators on issues from access to affordable contraception, lessening the incidence of unintended pregnancies, and new approaches to sex education that provide students medically accurate, age-appropriate information.”

They believe that the administration wants strip women of their reproductive rights.

“It has become a party that wants to punish pregnant women by limiting their economic choices, that wants to reduce access to sex education programs that prevent unintended pregnancy and disease,” they said about the GOP.

They wrote that the Republican Party continues shutting down low-cost health care clinics offering cancer screenings, basic health services and much-needed family planning services.

"Most of our supporters gave up on the party as it moved to the extremes not just on abortion but also on other social and fiscal issues." article says.

"That is not why we voted" they noted.

“This Republican Party is no family of ours,” the authors conclude. “And so we say goodbye.”

Author: USA Really