A Bronx Teen Died, after Asking Passers-bys for Help
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A Bronx Teen Died, after Asking Passers-bys for Help

photo: Instagram/justiceforjunie

NEW YORK — June 28, 2018

It happened last week. An attack with a machete took place near a store. Two or three people came to Guzman-Feliz, 15, when he was in the store, dragged him outside and then savagely hacked him with a machete and left him to die with blood gushing out of a neck wound.

Losing gobs of blood, he returned to the store to ask for help – but instead employees asked him to leave. It was recorded on CCTV, which somebody later put up online. As the video shows, as the boy slumps over the counter, the worker behind it appears to jump back and refuses to come to his aid.

The attackers then fled the scene.

Somebody in the store called 911. The teen died shortly afterward, steps away from nearby St. Barnabas Hospital.

This incident caused widespread outrage on social media. Except video showed sequence of events inside the Zesarina Grocery store in the Bronx before and after Lesandro Guzman-Feliz was attacked.

"They could’ve at least helped when he came back instead of conducting a transaction with blood all over the counter. Like really, you’re still interested in making a sale?! Very insensitive and cruel. Money and business was more important than the life of this boy." wrote Instagram user @bienaime_travels.

"This is awful....these humans are a disgrace including the worker and customers in the store...I hope they all rot in hell and get tortured and raped repeatedly in prison," wrote user @cynt110372.

"Almost never cry reading the news...but this sweet face of a 15 yr old CHILD and the thought of him pleading for help, bleeding, after they just saw him get dragged out, what is wrong with the world. that poor baby boy. u have peace now but SERIOUSLY he didn't get medical care for almost an HOUR after this. if they would have helped he'd probably still be alive." wrote user @thegildedkiwiI.

It is known that the boy wanted to become a New York City police detective.

Since the time of the incident police have arrested seven men in connection to the gang-related killing. Now they have charged 19-year-old Kevin Alvarez of the Bronx with murder and gang assault in relation to the killing. Six other suspects were also taken into custody over the weekend in Paterson.

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