Florida Authorities Blame the Pentagon for Hundreds of Dead Fish
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Florida Authorities Blame the Pentagon for Hundreds of Dead Fish

photo: Teasdale


As former charter captain says, it was the largest amount of dead fish he has ever seen in his career.

Morris was been a charter captain for more than 20 years.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission mass fish kills can be caused by algae blooms cutting off oxygen below the surface.  But Morris noted that Red Tide is unusual this late in the year, and they’ve gotten worse over the past few years. The source of the red tide, he says, is an outdated water filtration system.

“We’re using an outdated water management system and people have to have water so if we don’t have clean water in the future and we’re stuffing people in as fast as we can, I don’t know where we’re gonna end up" he says.

He also blames the Floridians who fertilize their lawns with toxic substances.

"As soon as we get rain, we had 13 inches of rain before the month of May ended, and that is excessive, and that flushes that top level of fertilizer straight into the water."

Morris says lately some of his charter customers have come back empty handed because most of the fish are dying.

"I've been canceling charters halfway through and canceling trips for the next day one I tell people what to expect for that day's fishing."

Rhett blames poor water management practices namely by the state for contributing to the problem.

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