Florida spree killer claims to have killed 8 people Police found only 3
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Florida spree killer claims to have killed 8 people Police found only 3


Polk County police detained a 35-year-old man suspected of having committed 3 murders in two states, Tenesi and Florida. Stanley Mossburg told the surviving victim that he planned to kill 11 people.

Sheriff Grady Judd, the sheriff in Polk County, Florida described in detail the chronology of events related to the killings. The first victim of Mossburg was a man from Greeneville, Tennessee. According to the sheriff, they have video evidence of how the suspect pointed his weapon at the victim in the laundry at about 1 a.m. on October 1, and then being under the gun, the attacker and his victim disappeared into an unknown direction.

At two in the morning, the wife of the first victim was worried about the long absence and sent a message. In response, she received a message that the killer allegedly sent, writing that "he is with another woman." The woman immediately suspected something was wrong and reported in 911. In the morning, her husband’s body was discovered outside the back door.

On October 14, 911 received a message from Winter Haven victim that someone had killed his two roommates and taken him hostage. According to the sheriff, the man, returning home on Sunday, found a female cohabitant tied up, but alive and his friend already dead.

According to the testimony of the surviving victim, all night the killer dismembered his victims and shoved parts of their bodies into bags. In the morning, Mossburg began cleaning the house, simultaneously telling that “he likes to kill people” and that his roommates were victims of “7 and 8” on his list.

After lunch, the suspect left the house, leaving instructions not to contact the police. A few hours later, the victim nevertheless gained courage and fled, later calling the police.

It is reported that several police units arrived at the scene. Officers surrounded the house in which the criminal took refuge. Skirmishes were fought all night from Monday to Tuesday and Stanley Mossburg was arrested on Tuesday morning.

A pre-trial investigation is ongoing before Mossburg is brought to trial. Authorities have not yet announced whether he has a lawyer.

Author: Usa Really