$10,000 Dollar Bus Ride to Prison
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$10,000 Dollar Bus Ride to Prison


OHIO — June 29, 2018

Everyone has heard the slogan many times - “don’t drink & drive.” It is dangerous and may lead to a needless tragedy. But now it’s time to learn another slogan: “Don’t drink and ride!”

Marcellus Thomas, 50, took a very expensive bus trip in Cincinnati, Ohio, and ended up behind bars.

According to one of the passengers, Keirra Carlise, who was sitting behind the Route 20 bus driver,  it was quite scary when Thomas jumped on the bus near the Ezzard Charles Stop on Central Parkway.

"The bus driver was just asking him, 'Sir can you please have the proper change,' and if you don't have the proper change go ahead and get off the bus," said Carlise.

She says Thomas, who appeared intoxicated, only had a few pennies in his hand and probably didn't have enough money for the ride. Thomas quickly became upset then he attacked a metro bus driver.

"The next thing I notice the drunk gentleman just pushes the bus driver and the bus driver was pushed the gentleman back and said, 'Stay off the bus." Carlise said.

However the passenger jumped back on the bus and started punching the older driver several times.

"I'm on the bus with a bunch of people and they were pulling out their cellphones and some were standing back and I'm like guys you got to do something," she said.

While others stayed back, she jumped in along with two others to pull Thomas off of the bus driver. She says after the altercation the driver was bleeding from the mouth.

Carlise’s story slightly reminds one of the “Speed” movie with Sandra Bullock. She said this was her first time riding the bus since damaging her car after an accident. After witnessing the attack she is now frightened to get back on the bus.

"It wasn't right," she said. "Something needs to happen about it. Not only just for the bus driver's safety but for the other patron's safety too because if it could happen to him it could happen to anybody on that bus as well. It's just sad."

Thomas is now facing assault charges and is being held in the Hamilton County jail on a $10,000 bond.

A Metro bus spokesperson says their security team is working with police as the investigation continues. The bus driver is recovering after he was assaulted and is expected to be OK.

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