Beach Volleyball – With no Sex Appeal at All, of course
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Beach Volleyball – With no Sex Appeal at All, of course

photo: Gallagher

OHIO — June 29, 2018

One wouldn’t assume many people are jumping from one TV channel to another intentionally looking for a beach volleyball game. But a regular man just might stop tormenting his remote control and find his attention drawn to this particular stream.

And to be perfectly honest “the beauty of the game” is not the only reason. The discrepancies between men’s and women’s beach volleyball uniforms are hard not to notice.

Women usually compete in bikinis unlike men who play in tank tops and shorts. The immediate question that comes to mind is: “Why is there such a difference in the amount of clothing these athletes wear?”

The question is even more relevant in light of the fact that the women don’t actually have to wear bikinis. The Federation of International Volleyball which is the governing body of all international competitions allows a myriad of different options according to its’ uniform guidelines.

Corinne Calabro, the communications director for USA Volleyball, attempted to answer that questions: “Because that’s what the female athletes want to compete in”.

“The athletes are allowed to wear long sleeves, they’re allowed to wear shorts, tank tops,” Calabro said. “But we’ve gotten a lot of athletes on record saying they prefer to wear a two-piece because there are less places for sand to hide. They don’t view it as swim wear or anything like a fashion statement. For them, that’s their uniform.”

Another opinion was provided by Kerri Walsh Jennings. She has been especially vocal about their decision to compete in two-pieces, as she described:

“When it comes to beach volleyball, we’re playing in 100-degree-plus weather. I think we’ve just gotta educate the public, take it with a grain of salt and make sure that we’re working hard and not playing up the sex appeal because it’s inherent anyway.”

Beach Volleyball – With no Sex Appeal at All, of course

Think about such a nice explanation and look at the picture above. Of course the women only concern avoiding “sand to hide”.

Author: USA Really