Democrats call for repeal of HIV disclosure laws; Article
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Democrats call for repeal of HIV disclosure laws; Article


The internet outlet American Thinker offers an article written by Eric Utter, speaking on the changes in HIV laws, that several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, including Sen. Cory Booker and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, called for.

Here are some thoughts concerning the repeal for changes in these laws, meant to protect innocent people from the potentially contracting the AIDS virus.

These laws currently require HIV-positive individuals to disclose their status to sexual partners.  It is illegal for someone to expose another person to the virus without the latter knowing about it and having the opportunity to give informed consent.  Doing otherwise would be horrific and should be considered a "hate crime." 

Yet, as the Washington Examiner pointed out, during CNN's recent LGBT town hall, host Anderson Cooper noted that new drugs exist that make the virus "undetectable" and supposedly unable to be transmitted to someone else.  Cooper opined that this means that laws criminalizing nondisclosure of the virus are "antiquated" and "based on old science."

One more 2020 candidate, Mayor Buttigieg concurred and said of the laws:

"It's not fair, and it needs to change."  

“Would it be fair to potential sexual partners of HIV-positive people if these laws were repealed?  What if folks with HIV don't disclose that fact and aren't taking the drugs that prevent the transfer of the virus to others?  Bummer.  Hate it when that happens.  Oh, well,” the author, Eric Utter replies in his article.

Democrats in California have now loosened restrictions on unruly classroom behavior, while nationally, many in higher education are now demanding that work be graded not on merit, but on social factors.  In the world that Democrats have wrought, young girls can get abortions on demand, but they may be in trouble if they "misgender" someone.

“To whom does this make sense?  This is precisely what a society would do if it were intent on wiping out human life, or at least making everyone suffer terribly.  It is almost as if they listened to Paul Harvey's 1964 classic "If I Were the Devil" prophecy and turned it into a policy prescription,” Utter adds.

What kind of a platform is this?  If one of these Democrats is elected president in 2020, it will be proof positive that the country has changed so dramatically that it will no longer be recognizable — or the dynamic force for freedom and prosperity it has historically been.







Author: Usa Really