Hundreds of Vermont Nurses Declared War Against Slave-Wage Conditions
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Hundreds of Vermont Nurses Declared War Against Slave-Wage Conditions

photo: Facebook/Alliance in Support of UVMMC Nurses

VERMONT — June 29, 2018

Hundreds of Vermont Federation of Nurses has marched in protest against strapped to slave-wage conditions. So simply put, there is a class war.

“Vermont should not be a low-wage state. Vermont is 47th in nurses’ wages when cost of living is considered and the union’s $15 minimum wage demand for support staff is an important step toward a living wage for all Vermont workers” as the text says, distributed by ALLIANCE IN SUPPORT OF UVM MC NURSES.

As for Vermont State, which is considered the most ‘progressive states’ has one of the highest costs of living standards in the U.S. with a lowest wages. Why is that?

According to experts that monitors such issues “The overall cost of living in Vermont is 16% higher than the national average. At the same time, the unemployment rate in Vermont is low, at 3.7%, and "the majority of careers in Vermont are in management, business, finance, sales, office, or administrative support," say experts.

As for the nurses at UVM they are constantly fighting that they are waging day after day, week after week in their professional fight for their economic rights, and their own families’ struggles to survive

They were supported by many people; the drivers honked their horns loudly in support of these vibrant health care workers.

UVMMMC representatives will review the package of proposals about economic stability and improving the overall status; and further it will aim at achieving agreement on everything still under contention. Now its no real movement on any of the key issues.

"We can only conclude that they are trying to force us to strike." says Tristin Adie.

We rejected this "conditional" proposal, and said we wouldn't negotiate it unless they removed the strike clause, so they changed it to say that their proposals expire at midnight Thursday if we haven't reached an agreement.

Regrettably, there have been no practical results so far. These women won't give up. They will continue their protests. If "the union withdraws all previous proposals, it withdraws all ULPs filed and waives all rights to strike." said in Alliance in Support of UVMMC Nurses statement on Facebook.

Keep tabs on our investigation. We will release exclusive material from the participants of the action. USAReally with you.

Author: USA Really