15-year-old Uber passenger accidently shot by driver during the ride
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15-year-old Uber passenger accidently shot by driver during the ride


A 15-year-old Uber passenger was mistakenly shot by her driver as he moved his gun, authorities said.

Bailey Braun was struck in the ankle during an Uber ride with her boyfriend Sunday afternoon in Hollywood, Florida.

Police said the driver, 27-year-old Adrian Harper, had stopped to pick up two other passengers. When he moved the firearm from the seat to the holster, it accidentally went off inside the vehicle and stuck Braun, officials said.

“We just hear a bang, and our ears started ringing,” Braun told the station. “I think something exploded in the car. I didn’t feel anything yet, and when I go to get out I lift up my leg and I just see blood pouring out.”

Braun said Harper then jumped out of the car to her aid and apologized to her.

“He ran around the side and was like ‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,'” Braun said. “And when I asked him what happened he said that it went off.”

The driver was arrested on suspicion of culpable negligence inflicting harm.

Uber said drivers and passengers are prohibited from carrying firearms. The company confirmed that Harper has been suspended. It was not immediately clear what kind of gun the driver had.

“This is deeply troubling and our thoughts are with the rider and her family as she recovers,” the company told NBC Miami. “We have removed the driver’s access to the app and will work with law enforcement.”

Author: Usa Really