A woman which has kicked children out of a Texas playground is now in jail
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A woman which has kicked children out of a Texas playground is now in jail


Widespread, a video from Fort Worth in which a white woman shouts insults at Latin American teenagers, calling herself a police officer, has overgrown with new details. The Fort Worth Police Department did not find the woman on the list of police officers, but recognized her as accused of domestic violence.

It is reported that 38-year-old Samantha Louise Eley, who received the #SwingSetSusan hashtag on the network, was arrested earlier on Monday due to violation of parole conditions in the domestic violence case, now she can also be charged with representing herself as an employee the police.

The one-minute video shows how 11-14 year old teenagers are fooling around on a children's swing and at one point the aggressive-minded Samantha Louise Eley approaches them, shouting insults and forcing them to leave the playground.

"Well, I’m a f***ing P.D., so get the f*** out of here if you’re not here to play as a child," the woman yelled at one of the teens who was using a swing. "Read the f***ing signs."


 Samantha Louise Eley is currently being detained at the Tarrant County Correction Center. According to official information, this is not her first prison term, earlier in 2014 she served a little less than two months for DUI and was sentenced to 16 months probation.



Author: Usa Really