US turned into a country of modern serfdom
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US turned into a country of modern serfdom


The idea of the United States as a “country of free people," which American propaganda in every way tries to support inside its own country and in the world, has no longer been true.

In reality, in America over the past half century there has been a gradual erosion of that middle class, which has always been considered the basis of its stability and prosperity. The Society of “Equal Rights and Opportunities,” which the Founding Fathers spoke about so many times and which was the front picture of the “1950 model,” has become the exact opposite in modern America.

Today, wealth and power in the USA are concentrated in the hands of an extremely small social main-line, while the majority of citizens are deprived not only of “social elevators”, but also of “social ladders” along which, they could climb above their current position with the help of their labor.

In fact, we are talking about a "new serfdom" or "new slavery" in America, which is clothed in the form of legal market exploitation and an existing social contract. Any attempts to change this juncture of events are considered a revolt against the foundations of the “land of freedom” and are punished with the utmost harshness and openness.

US turned into a country of modern serfdom

"Elephant curve"

The most complete change in the situation in the USA is described by the so-called “elephant curve”. Formally, it is also called “Global Growth in Incomes” - but this is by not near about growth in our usual sense, and there is no time scale on this curve.

It shows another: how the incomes of one or another group of the population have changed relative to its own incomes in the past - and compared with other property groups. Figuratively speaking: whether the rich began to live richer relative to the poor - or did everything happen exactly the opposite.

To the right of this curve are the richest people in the United States, global and national elites, 5% of the richest people on the planet. They sat on the raised tip of the “elephant trunk” with their legs dangling. So, their income grew by 60% compared with their own condition just 30 years ago.

On the "back" and near the "ears" of the elephant are other residents of America. In terms of their incomes, they are two to three times poorer than the classical middle class - these are the “new poor”, which include first-generation migrants, black US residents and representatives of the relatively poor part of the white American population. For them, the last 30 years have also become a time of a relative change in their social status - even if this resulted only in the fact that they received shareware medical insurance during the time of Barack Obama, a small relative increase in salaries during the economic boom under Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr. and few jobs at the last “industrialization of America" started by Donald Trump.

US turned into a country of modern serfdom

This group is very plural: while on the "back" and near the "ears" of the elephant a relative growth nevertheless occurred, then the situation has worsened towards the lowered "tail". Those US residents who had less than 5% of their maximum income 30 years ago remained poor, having recorded a strict “zero” growth in their assets. The “socialization” of the United States, for which Obama was so scolded, ended for them with practically nothing - they remained poor and deprived of any prospects in life.

But the interesting thing was this : a little higher, in the area of the former "middle class", such prospects also disappeared! Those whose incomes make up 60–90% of the incomes of the upper 5% of the US elite turned out to be the most affected in the growth of welfare. These "fairly rich, but not luxuriously living" citizens are the classic middle class of America. And as it turned out, over the past 30 years, the incomes of this fundamental category of citizens have not simply not increased - if we consider them in conjunction with constantly rising inflation and rising prices, we can conclude that they have even decreased!

The classical middle class of developed countries, those same “hardworking Americans” from the pictures of the 1950s, in fact, did not gain anything in the growth of their welfare - in fact, they paid out of their pocket all the social expenses of the state for the poorer segments of the population and, more importantly, excess profit of 5% of the richest people in the USA.

While American news agencies politically correctly talk about the "squeezing" of the middle class. But the future paint a picture of doom and gloom: while maintaining current trends, American society may soon become the embodiment of the anti-utopias of classical cyberpunk. Where there is always a small super-rich class, the underworld who eke out a miserable existence on the government cheese or corporations, and - the basic mass of the virtually disempowered population. The latter does not have any rights and executes its sole purpose - to work from a very young age until death, receiving in return only a slightly larger amount of material wealth than social lower classes sitting on benefits.

US turned into a country of modern serfdom

Serfdom, American-style

The situation of such an impoverished middle class in the world of the near future is quite fully described by the concept of economic slavery, which under the conditions of Romanov Russia was called serfdom.

The classical peasant serf was not much different from the ancient slave, although most of his duties were of an economic nature (labor duties - forced labour and quitrent), and he could even change his landlord during the annual holiday of St. George's Day, although this freedom of changing the landlord and was canceled in 1680.

It is easy to understand that the picture of the work of an ordinary worker or employee proceeds in the modern USA is not much different from the position of a peasant serf  in feudal Russia. An ordinary American worker does not have the right to paid leave, the state does not provide medical insurance to a working citizen, and the employer considers insurance as part of the worker’s earnings and the guarantee of his loyalty, trying to cut it in every possible way.

We add that in the United States there is no paid leave after childbirth, and the retirement benefits, as we know it, is absent and is purely funded.

In such circumstances, the basis for any social benefits in favor of a worker or employee in the United States is his own labor income, which he set aside and distributes to future benefits, possible or inevitable. And it turns out that the middle class is “beaten from all sides,” while its only protection is only the level and regularity of its own labor income. The loss of the sources of labor income immediately means almost instantly separation from their social class and the path to the lowest levels of the social bottom.

US turned into a country of modern serfdom

Naturally, in a situation where middle-class income in the United States stands still, this struggle for a place in the sun begins to resemble attempts to extinguish a fire in a house with water in a sieve basket: all middle-class labor income simply “spills onto the floor” on the way to the fire.

It is worth emphasizing: with all the lawlessness of the American working class, it is precisely the taxes of individuals today that make up about 83% of the budget of this "hyper power." Corporations through which the richest 5% of American citizens basically legalize their income pay only 17% of total treasury revenues.

Despite the fact that the Federal Income Tax established by the U.S. Internal Revenue Code is progressive, in reality, tax payments by rich and super-rich people are not carried out at stated rates. By law, the first $ 9075 of annual income is not subject to federal income tax ($ 18.150 for couples), and further tax rates range from 10% to 39.6% (for incomes above $ 406,000). However, in reality, various deductions and benefits calculated from taxable income, such as mortgage interest, real-estate taxes, education expenses, etc., significantly reduce the tax burden for most representatives of the super-rich 5%. And especially - for homeowners with significant mortgage debt or owners of a profitable business.

In other words, in fact in the United States there is a paradoxical situation: those with fewer rights pay the most taxes. In fact, the entire American state is based on the work of absolutely powerless workers who are deprived even of basic economic freedom.

US turned into a country of modern serfdom

“At first achieve it!”

What is most sad, US citizens are simply not able to change the situation of their enslavement. The democracy that every American is so proud of, in the case of the ordinary representative of the working class, simply does not work.

Here is a simple situation. 535 elected deputies and senators sit in the Senate and House of Representatives of the US Congress. They represent the interests of various corporations, wealthy families, political parties and factions, entire industry associations - but none of them represents the interests of ordinary American workers. Just before the election, candidates shout about how they take care of the needs of hard workers in order to get their votes. Moreover, all lobbyism, all legislative activity of senators and congressmen only support the existing practice of gradual enslavement of workers.

The picture is completed by a real “cherry on top”: today's new serfdom in the USA does not even have a clear language and ideology to express its fundamental interests. Total propaganda in the American media and the “religious” belief that America is the freest and most equitable society on the planet, instilled by the state, school and manual public organizations from early childhood, changes the minds of everyone. After such treatment, the flagrant situation of the total lack of rights of the working class is perceived only as the “existing order of things”, which cannot be changed in any way.

The only “legitimate” way to change something here is your own “act of valour”, when an American, like some Hollywood hero or supersportsman, breaks out of his environment under the slogan “At first achieve it!” and “Do it yourself!”, to move to "The world of the rich and successful." In this case, his old world, of course, does not disappear.

However, it seems that there is no future for such a “new serfdom” inculcated from the top-down: the world proposed for him will remain hell for 95% of the people living in it - and such a society cannot be sustainable at all.

Author: Usa Really