A man burned alive in Tesla because of blocked door handles
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A man burned alive in Tesla because of blocked door handles


Saving the environment sometimes requires "bloody sacrifices." The wife of an ecologically clean Tesla driver who died in a car accident sued the manufacturing company because her husband could not get out of the blazing car.

The accident occurred in late February in Florida. 48-year-old Omar Awan suddenly lost control of the electric car and crashed into a tree, the car instantly flared up and the interior was filled with toxic smoke.

It is reported that at the time of the accident, a police officer was nearby, but even he was unable to open the door of the wrecked car. The officer and other eyewitnesses were forced to simply watch as a man imprisoned in a burning Tesla gasps and burns alive.

"The police officer tried to open the doors of the Awan Tesla but the door handles were retracted, and did not 'auto-present' when he approached," the lawsuit says. "The sleek design of the Model S doors eliminates anything that can be pulled or opened until the recessed handles become available."

Since all the locks and mechanisms are controlled exclusively by the on-board computer, excluding any external impact, damage to this computer itself, at the time of the crash, completely cut off Awan from rescue.

According to witnesses, the accident did not cause much physical harm to the driver, he did not have visible limb fractures or other serious injuries. An autopsy showed that while fingers of fire charred the skin of a man, he choked to death after breathing in smoke that flooded the entire cabin.

Representatives of the company later commented on the incident, indicating that they were ready to cooperate with the investigation, which is currently trying to find out whether the failure to unlock the door handles became the reason why it was impossible to save Awan.

“We have reached out to the local authorities to offer our cooperation. We understand that speed is being investigated as a factor in this crash, and know that high speed collisions can result in a fire in any type of car, not just electric vehicles,” the company told the local paper.


Author: Usa Really