Los Angeles County Authorities Evacuate Residents due to Massive Fires
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Los Angeles County Authorities Evacuate Residents due to Massive Fires


The Tick Fire, which has already covered more than 4 thousand acres of land, has forced California Governor Gavin Newsom to declare a state of emergency and evacuate more than fifty thousand people who have lost their homes and to prevent casualties among people.

About 650 firefighters are involved in a rescue operation in Northern California, but because of the raging wind, whose speed exceeds 60 miles per hour, all the efforts of the rescue teams shrinked to nullity. People leave their homes, which are ruthlessly attacked by flames.

Some desperate families are trying to help firefighters using lawn hoses, but the fire spreads with incredible force and speed. Tens of thousands of buildings are still at risk. The Santa Clarita farm was also puffed with thick smoke, as reported by the farm owners and posted on Facebook asking for help in evacuating the animals.

"Please support our efforts to activate our emergency plan! We can use all the help possible," the Gentle Barn wrote on Instagram.



????URGENT FIRE ALERT???? UPDATE: See our latest post for more info. UPDATE (8:21pm): We are evacuating all animals to safety now. Will keep everyone posted on the next steps once all animals are safe at our @sunchlorellausa Healing Center. UPDATE (4:13pm): If you are driving from LA, you will likely not get here in time. The fire is very close & we're preparing the last of the animals to go to our @sunchlorellausa Healing Center now. Please continue to send us all thoughts and prayers as we get everyone to safety. UPDATE: If you are trying to get the to barn to help, take the Valencia exit off the 5, LEFT on Bouquet Canyon, RIGHT on Vasquez Canyon, LEFT on Vasquez Way, then LEFT on Sierra Highway. The #TickFire is approaching the barn quickly, we're under MANDATORY EVACUATION orders, and are preparing all animals for evacuation now. Please support our efforts to activate our emergency plan! We can use all the help possible. Any volunteers or people with trucks and trailers available to help can meet us at the barn: 15825 Sierra Hwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91390 We're also accepting donations on Venmo (@thegentlebarn). Please keep everyone in your thoughts as we work hard to get everyone to safety as soon as possible.

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Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Already began to urgently disconnect electricity everywhere. About one million inhabitants will remain without electricity. At the moment, the authorities did not find the cause of the fire, but they agree that PG & E systematically violated safety procedures and maintenance procedures for the controlled equipment, which could have caused many fires.


"The weather event could be the most powerful in California in decades," PG&E officials said Friday.

To date, long-standing fires have already burned tens of thousands of acres of land, destroyed dozens of houses and forced hundreds of residents to flee. And even despite the planned preliminary power outages, strong winds and heat continue to spread fire.


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