It Is Not the US but the EU Who Violates WTO Norms
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It Is Not the US but the EU Who Violates WTO Norms


USA — July 1, 2018

At the end of the week the US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer blamed  the EU for violating the norms of the World Trade Organization. “The United States does not break the rules of WTO unlike their European partners” Lighthizer said.

This critical analysis forces any thinking being to acknowledge the truth of his words. It’s important that the WTO’s rules are not stretching military and exchange commodities. And if America imposed such commodities as aluminum in ingots, for instance, it is not regulated by the WTO in any way.

Thus the US imposes duties absolutely correctly and the EU’s actions directly violate the rules.

This conflict really ruins the WTO and demonstrates its inoperability.

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer emphasized that the regulations imposed by President Donald Trump import duties for steel and aluminum are absolutely legitimate and justified from the WTO’s point of view. Besides, the European Union neglected WTO norms by entering the back fees for the American production, Lighthizer noted.

According to Robert Lighthizer those retaliatory measures show complete hypocrisy on what determines the mainstream of the current world trade system. “For several months UE, China and others have criticized American trade policy and declaring they act for the sake of WTO. However their recently imposed duties are proving they just ignore WTO rules when needed” Lighthizer said.

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