15 police officers needed to detain an unarmed teenager in the New York subway
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15 police officers needed to detain an unarmed teenager in the New York subway


It sounds like the beginning of a joke: “How many police officers do you need to detain an unarmed teenager who raised his hands and surrendered?”, The answer can be seen in a video accidentally capturing a flossing of law enforcements.

From the first frames of the video it is not clear what is happening. The car of the New York subway is filled with people, they are trying to get out, but the doors do not open, you can see many people in uniform outside.

Then you can see how people parting and the alleged breaker falls into the camera lens, raising his hands up and ready to surrender. It is worth recalling that he simply jumped over the turnstile. When the car doors open, 13 police officers burst into a cramped room. They knock a black teenager down on the floor and order the rest to clear the way.

At the time of publication, the video on Twitter was watched more than 3.5 million times. The author of the video, Elad Nehorai, wrote "In case you’re wondering how an arrest in NYC goes down."

"In case you’re wondering how an arrest in NYC goes down. The guy has made absolutely no indication that he would flee or fight and wasn’t trying to hide. If you can’t see, the reason everyone moved was because all the police had taken out their guns and aimed at him," wrote Nehorai.

As you can see, the police take out a weapon and point it at the “suspect”. A little later, on their twitter account, the NYPD made a desperate attempt to justify their actions, accusing the teenager as if he was "brandishing a gun" and running away when the officer tried to ask him a couple of questions.

The author of the video also responded to this statement, indicating that the only danger came from a crowd of officers flying into the car and brandishing pistols.

At the moment, the streets are oversupplied with police and the public is more afraid of uniformed employees who are trying to describe “usefulness” by attacking an already surrendered guy with the entire police station.

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, defended the police, saying that the actions of the officers were fully justified in this situation.

Author: Usa Really