30-year-old Attacks Ten Refugees Families in Idaho with a Knife
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30-year-old Attacks Ten Refugees Families in Idaho with a Knife


BOISE, IDAHO — July 2, 2018

The incident occurred in the evening on June 30, 2018.

“Tonight a tragedy occurred,” said Chief William Bones. The mass stabbing took place at the Wylie Street Station Apartments in Boise. The suspect’s name has not yet been released. The victims’ identities and nationalities have also not been disclosed.

Boise is no stranger to the migration issue, and has been described as “A Global Home for Refugees”. Due to its friendly migration policies, the city has become a magnet for refugees. According to the Idaho Office for Refugees: “A large majority of refugees arriving in Idaho are women and children. Some refugees are highly educated while others have never had the opportunity to attend school. Some were freedom fighters or political activists forced into exile from their home countries; others were violently driven away”. Officers arrived four minutes after the call to 911 was placed. Police took the suspect into custody at gunpoint almost immediately.

The police dispatch reported: "Boise Police are investigating a stabbing which occurred in the area of W State St & Wylie Ln. One suspect is in custody. The scene is secure. More information will be released as it becomes available”.

The police added that it is likely that a second attacker remains at large.

The victims all ended up in different places after the shooting. The ten victims have been transported to the hospital. Doctors are now fighting for their lives.

The police are now only beginning their investigation. Officers are interrogating the detainee. The information has been released that the suspect in custody “came from out of state”, but it is still unclear how long he had resided in Boise. According to the police, there is no explicit tie between the suspect and his victims.


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