City destroyed the family's yard and the family decorate it for Halloween
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City destroyed the family's yard and the family decorate it for Halloween


The Halloween decorations in front of the Lewis home in Briar Village are the talk of the neighborhood. The talk is more about how the amazing decor came about.

Last month the family yard and lawn was damaged by the water leak that happened when the family was out on vacation. When they called the City of Houston to fix it, the service showed up only six days later.

"One day, when we returned from a trip, the water main broke," Cindy Lewis said. "As you can see, they left quite of a mess."

But the smart family found the way out of the mess, and the great idea came to the husband’s mind to decorate the yard in the spirit of Halloween.

"He was out shopping and says, 'I saw some great skeletons... I think I know exactly where I want to put those,'" Lewis recalled.

Her husband also made a few crosses for her.

"Viola (this is what we came up with), 'Waiting on the city cemetery' as I call it," she said.

"As they say, 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,' so there's my lemonade," Lewis said, pointing at her decorations.

She was still waiting on the city until ABC13 made a call.

"The city has apologized, saying it fell through the cracks somewhere but they will take care of me soon, they say they promise," she said.

Mrs. Lewis was such a good sport about it, she told the city it would be okay to wait to fix up her yard until after Halloween day.

When ABC13 asked if she would put up the decor again since it was a big hit she said, "I'm certainly not going to tear up my yard to do it. But I think the skeletons would find a place in the yard next year."

Author: Usa Really