Excessive brutality of the New York police provoked a large-scale riot
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Excessive brutality of the New York police provoked a large-scale riot


Last night, the Brooklyn subway was filled with locals who rebelled against the abuse of power by New York police officers. A crowd of thousands marched through the streets shouting “F ** k NYPD” and “NYPD KKK”, people also carried banners reading “Don't let these pigs touch us,” “F**k the police,” “Punch that cop”.

It is worth recalling that a few days earlier the public had stirred up due to two cases of terrible treatment of black teenagers in the subway. Both incidents occurred on the same day, and in both cases the police showed flagrant inadequacy and cruelty.

Both incidents were captured on cameras and in one of them the officer inflicts several severe blows on the face of a 15-year-old teenager, and in the second, 13 cops attack an unarmed black teenager in a subway car because he jumped over the turnstile without paying. The police department later stated that he had weapons, but this information was not confirmed.

The Friday rally began around 7 p.m. at the Barclays Center. The protest rally lasted several hours, during which people intentionally jumped through the turnstiles, insulted law enforcement agencies and destroyed private and public property. No arrests were reported.

This rally was also provoked by the news from Governor Andrew Cuomo about the desire to hire another 500 police officers to catch free riders in the New York subway. President Donald Trump did not stand aside and criticized police policies in the Big Apple in several tweets.

The residents of New York decided to remind the authorities once again that the fare for the subway is prohibitively high and most are simply not able to pay for the fare, and since the city can afford to contain an army of police, why not lower the price to “affordable the poor” and reduce the staff of the “turnkeys”.



Author: Usa Really