Radio Heads: USA Broke the Attendance Record
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Radio Heads: USA Broke the Attendance Record


USA — May 24, 2018

The U.S. is a surprisingly "radio addicted" country. More people listen to the radio than use social media. The culture of local radio culture has never died, in spite of technological changes, and has only changed for the better.

Rush Limbaugh is one of the best and most striking examples of this. He is a kind of double-Trump - a formidable old, while man, throwing thunder and lightning down upon both illegal Mexican migrants and "damn liberals."

The current American Idol, Alex Jones, also started his career in radio. In both cases, each made millions of dollars on advertising and all sorts of marginal products like nutrition products and supplements.

But why do Americans love radio so much? The answer is simple.

In fact, the latest data shows that Americans spend over 50% (12 hours) of their day consuming media and technology in various forms. That means that people spend more time-consuming media than they do working or sleeping - hence the explanation for why companies like Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, and Netflix have exploded in size and dominance over the last decade.

The following data from Business Insider shows the survey results of 65,000 radio listeners in North America:

#1. TV/Video – 95%

#2. AM/FM Radio – 92%

#3. Smartphone – 90%

#4. Social Media – 86%

And this is only from North America.

Now there are a thousand ways to entertain an audience. We all remember video recorders, cassette tapes, and players, but we stopped using them long ago. And only the radio, with its endless songs, continues to feel timeless.

"In America, there are a lot of music stations in the FM range. In addition, there are separate news channels, business channels, children, entertainment for adults. All of which are without music, with a few rare exceptions. And there is another feature that distinguishes American radio from others in the world: the national public radio NPR, where the news and hot facts are talked about, and there is absolutely no advertising." a Californian told USA Really.

Every second American has a car. Each first one uses it, going to work or to the store. And absolutely everyone listens to the radio on the road.

Why? People love to have fun, and people need to drive a car. When you listen to music and the news on the radio, your hands and eyes are free, and you can't be distracted while on the road.

Acrording to the American research center PEW the number of radio listeners online via services such as Pandora, iHeartRadio or Google Play Music, last year was 78%.

If in 2010 there were 6% of radio lovers in the U.S. in 2013 it was already 21%, in 2015 - 35% and almost 80% in 2017.

Analysts believe that there are many modern ways of satellite broadcasting, besides the radio.

"As for satellite broadcasting, it's also America's differences from other countries. We have such radio with a paid subscription and a variety music, and news without a single advertisement" our resident from California said.

So destroying the radio won't so easy. Lots of people just love to listen to the radio outside the car, at home or at work. Most likely, the radio will also remain the primary source of information and entertainment services for autistics.

The technical basis of radio broadcasting will continue to evolve, regardless of what new and unforeseen innovations will arise that may, inevitably, disrupt the current communications market.

Author: USA Really