Massachusetts believes that “It's "not" OK to be white”
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Massachusetts believes that “It's "not" OK to be white”


What began as a banter of liberals has become a symbol of white supremacy, according to one of the residents who tore off a banner with the inscription “It's OK to be white”, hanging over the highway to Mass. Pike.

It is worth mentioning that this slogan was invented as a way of trolling liberals in 2017. According to the creators of the forum on 4chan, if you put this inscription on leaflets, this will cause a negative reaction among fighters against racism. The essence of the movement was to demonstrate to the so-called equality fighters that they did not even consider that being white was not racism in itself.

The reaction of the people was not long in coming, and therefore Sean Roche, driving past the poster, deliberately stopped and tore it off.

“It’s a statement that being white is under attack right now and it’s just not true,” Roche told 7NEWS. “Being white is such an advantage in this society. To suggest otherwise is just straight-up racism.”

Executive Director of the Anti-Defamation League of New England, Robert Trestan, also considers inappropriate and offensive the manifestation of the point of view in this way.

“It’s pretty disappointing to see people in Massachusetts using a platform like that to disseminate a message that excludes people and targets people. It’s important for people not to be persuaded or attracted to a message like this because behind the words is bigotry, behind the words is hate,” said Robert Trestan.

To date, it is not known how long the banner hung, but according to Roche, the police arrived at the scene after he removed it.




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Author: Usa Really