South Florida Protests Against Trump’s Immigration Policies
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South Florida Protests Against Trump’s Immigration Policies


MIAMI, FLORIDA – July 2, 2018

Just like in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, thousands of citizens took to the streets of Miami to keep the heat on presidential immigration policies. Some are even saying that these policies are equivalent to a “state of terror against brown and black communities”, Marcelo Sánchez reports.

According to the immigration attorney, the detention centers for immigrants are inhumane. As a lawyer for some of the detainees, he claims that the living conditions in such detention centers are poor, and that the detention of children is in-itself a violation of human rights.

“I certainly believe that their goal is to do anything and everything possible to minimize immigration into US,” said immigration attorney Henry Rodrigez, in an interview with USA Really. “And they will take any step necessary to do it.”

As of now, there are more than 2000 children detained at a center in Homestead, a few miles south of Miami. Despite of the latest executive order of president Trump, not one of these children have been reunited with their parents.

According to sources such as The Huffington Post, TIME Magazine and The Associated Press, there are dozens, if not hundreds of cases of human rights violations against undocumented migrant children. Court records show that some children were forced to take psychiatric medications in order to keep them quiet. Other documents reveal instances of sexual and physical abuse.

The latest of such reports was published in Newsweek Magazine. According to the report, agents of the Border Patrol kicked and punched migrant children; some were even threatened with sexual abuse.

Other activists have accused president Trump of racism and bigotry. They believe Trump's ideology will foster a climate in which more and more white supremacists will be able to preach a similar gospel of discrimination.

Author: USA Really