Severe Storms Swept Across the US
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Severe Storms Swept Across the US


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — July 2, 2018

Severe storms swept across the U.S. from the Mississippi Valley to the Gulf of Mexico. Damage to trees, houses and power lines were the most widespread impact from the storms. The storms were fueled by intense heat and humidity over the eastern half of the country.

Most of the damage was done by the wind. The tornado was confirmed in Hickman County, Tennessee, when winds reached 180 km / h. Gusty winds up to 100 km / h were reported from eastern Missouri and southwestern Illinois to western Tennessee and most of Alabama.

Powerful storms that swept across Alabama left thousands of people without power and are have likely led to at least one fatality.

 Alabama Power Co. reported about 52,500 homes and businesses were still without electricity Friday morning. The largest number were in the Birmingham metro area.

The possibility of new storms arrising persists.

Author: USA Really