Sheriff's deputy arrested for beating troubled teenager in Florida
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Sheriff's deputy arrested for beating troubled teenager in Florida


Willard Miller was cut off without payment in connection with a video published in which he cruelly grabs the throat of 15-year-old Cross Creek School for troubled youngsters in Pompano Beach and then throws her to the floor with force.

The entire conflict was filmed on a security camera. The video shows how inadequate mental health assessments of police officers can affect children. In the silent recording, it is clear that the girl came up behind Miller and kicked him lightly in the leg so that she bent at the knee, then there was a conversation between the former officer and the schoolgirl and a few seconds later, deputy savagely attacked the defenseless girl, raising her by the throat and tossing to the floor.

A stunned girl, whose name is not revealed, is lying on the floor, Willard Miller turns her on her stomach and shouts something to her, then picks up the student and pushes her into the small room behind.

The investigation keeps secret what the two were talking about before Miller attacked the girl. An internal investigation into a case of child abuse has begun. The punishment for this crime is imprisonment for a term of 5 years.

Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony said in a statement that Miller would be punished. 

BSO News Update

Once again, Sheriff Gregory Tony demonstrated transparency and accountability announcing the arrest of Deputy Willard Miller. “I am tired of it. I am going to fix it and hold people accountable,” stated Sheriff Gregory Tony. As in any profession, the actions of one do not reflect the actions of the thousands of other deputies who work for the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Gregory Tony is committed to showing the public we are an agency you can trust and are dedicated to providing professional public service. A flow chart outlining all of the steps in the Broward Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs Investigation Process has been included.

Gepostet von Broward Sheriff's Office am Dienstag, 5. November 2019

 At the moment, Willard Miller has released from prison on bail of 5 thousand dollars.

Sheriff's deputy arrested for beating troubled teenager in Florida

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