Florida school deputy fired after the video shows him grabbing a girl by her head
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Florida school deputy fired after the video shows him grabbing a girl by her head


The incident with a school resource deputy and a female student ends up with the resignation of the officer after video shows his abuse of power towards the girl when he pulled her head back while taking her into custody.

Everything started when two students of the nearby Westridge Middle School sparked the fight in the parking lot of Summerset at International Crossing apartments in Orlando. Orange County Sheriff Office received a 911 call and the school deputy along with sheriff’s deputy responded the call. When they arrived at the site, as the video shows, the school deputy approached the girl and grabbed her arm and put it behind her back saying: "You're the one who started this s**t in school. You're the one who started this s**t all day today anyway."

"I'm tired of this s**t," the deputy says as he pulls back the girl's head, which is wrapped with a scarf.

The deputy ignored the girl’s screams while walking her towards the squad car. They were surrounded by a group of people which made him pull his baton and yell at them to get back.

"This is because you're silly. You're all stupid little children! Stupid little children is what you are!," the deputy's voice is heard right after he put the girl inside the police car and walked away.

After the social media blasted with the video of the girl’s arrest, the deputy was pulled out of the school he was assigned to and terminated. It was confirmed by Orange County Sheriff Mina who reviewed the videos shot by the witnesses and deputy’s body cam.

"There's no doubt that his actions were excessive," Mina said. "I am extremely upset, disappointed and outraged by the conduct of our deputy sheriff in this instance. I want the community to know that this type of behavior is not going to be tolerated at the Orange County Sheriff's Office."

The girl was also not identified and Mina said he didn't know her age or what grade she was in.

The deputy is not currently facing any charges but the incident is being reviewed by the sheriff's office internal affairs section. The state attorney's office will decide whether to file any criminal charges, Mina said.

Author: Usa Really