A USA Really Exclusive: The Scourge of Drug Addiction Is Spreading over the US
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A USA Really Exclusive: The Scourge of Drug Addiction Is Spreading over the US


New York has always been America's heroin capital—and the drug spread along with the rise in inequality of the 1920s, in another parallel between this century and the last.

The epidemic of heroin addiction in the United States has now reached enormous proportions. President Donald Trump has already announced that the U.S. should impose the death penalty for drug dealers. However, the main culprits of the growth of drug addiction are large pharmaceutical corporations and doctors who are prescribing opioids in an irresponsible manner. People addicted to opioid drugs, often switch to cheaper "street" drugs, including heroin and  their synthetic analogues.

And also the police, which has helped to distribute the drug batches. According to some experts, this situation was made possible due to a systemic failure in the American justice and health care system.

The USA Really agency has tried to understand the causes of the heroin crisis in the United States.

According to official data, the number of “heroin users” jumped by 80% across the country by 2017, comparing to 2012, and amounted more than 700,000 people. The death numbered from overdose of this drug has also increased dramatically – up to 5 thousand people per year (data for 2017). This is more than 55% more than in 2007.

Experts say that there has been a major increase reported in the use of heroin, and that it is substantially different from previous crises, that took place in the country during the 1960s, during the "hippie revolution."

Indeed, the hippie movement - like most modern social movements - began in the US, in New York. It was born with the rise of pacifist sentiment during the American war in Vietnam from 1964 to 1972.

Hippies came into being not because of fashion, but of their own beliefs in the injustice of the life of society: sharp changes from the poor to the rich, spirituality to lack of spirituality, etc. It was fashion at its least overly decorative, most rugged, and basic: blue jeans worn with T-shirts, work shirts, and other commonplace attire. And most importantly, they protested against the Vietnam War.

The word "hippie "came from the slang expression" to be hip", meaning "to be aware of" and "to understand". American media began to use the word "hippie" as derogatory, alluding to the claims of deliberately poorly dressed demonstrators who came from the suburbs of New York.

They were a fortress against war, hate and poverty; they sought to change the world through creativity and peace.

At the same time the hippie's environment, as creative people, there was drunkenness, drug addiction and free love. They listened to rock'n'roll, lived in communes or on the streets, were engaged in meditation and mysticism. They refused to work, claiming that they were free people. Freedom was their top priority.

Over the years, of course, much has changed in the way heroin is sold, acquired and used. And even if hippies are gone, their views and principles are still here with us. If earlier they invented a drug addiction that spread only in cities, now the heroin epidemic has moved into the suburbs and rural areas. Consequently, in a poor neighborhood that was then filled with abandoned buildings in a city close to bankruptcy, some streets became blatant, open-air bazaars for drug dealing.

In his response to the points raised by USA Really, a Bronx resident, who would not allow us to know his name, stated that the main problem areas are in New York City. As regards the other areas, it is the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

Another famous hangout for drug addicts is the Harlem district in the Northern part of Manhattan, hoe to many of the city’s African Americans.

Department of health experts argue that the mortality rate has decreased significantly from 2010 to 2015.

Federal authorities report that there is a comprehensive approach to prevent deaths from overdoses that It has  begun to use since 2010. Among them is a new tool - naloxone. Most of it is used in Staten Island. However, it has now been  introduced in other areas. Among them:Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. It's a drug that neutralizes the effects of heroin.

While doctors with no special training can treat an unlimited number of patients with opioids for pain, extra education is required to treat addiction with Suboxone and one doctor isn't allowed more than 100 patients.

But in fact, it is very difficult. If the consumption of some drugs has decreased, the consumption of other, cheaper analogues, has increased. The antidote helped drug addicts to die less frequently, but they did not use fewer drugs. And as it is known, one active drug addict attracts five new ones. And if they live longer now, they attract more people.

In addition, there is a tendency to reduce heroin use in favour the underground drug fentanyl. Drug traffickers and dealers switched to methamphetamine, heroin or cocaine, and as a result of its using the body count has really gone up Fentanyl is a synthetic analgesic that is hundreds of times more powerful than heroin.

According to experts, the main reason for such a sharp jump in drug addiction was the specific policies of pharmaceutical companies and doctors. They believe that doctors overprescribed unstably heavy drugs to patients, ostensibly to relieve pain.

After all, pharmaceutical narcotics are legal with a prescription, but heroin is a Schedule I opiate that you could be jailed for possessing. However, pharmacies are called drug stores for a reason. Americans misuse prescription drugs at higher rates than ever before, but every year, another "heroin epidemic" distracts from this bigger problem.

Millions of Americans take prescription stimulants and painkillers every day, so it's very easy to see why this "junkie" stereotype has persisted for so long.

It's easier to feel superior to someone who's taking a different kind of drug, especially when the drug is portrayed as dangerous and the users seem to exist outside your class and community. It also explains why parents and educators are so desperate to warn kids about heroin addiction, but don't fear they'll misuse their prescription pills as well.

During scientific research in West Virginia, about 20 million oxycodone and hydrocodone tablets have been sold over the past 5 years. The doctor was prescribed these medicines to the sick, and they were went and bought their death. By the way, about 80% people who begin to use painkillers, switch afterward to heroin.

“You can come and see, Kristina. they are lying on the streets near to all the addicts on drugs. they use more than anyone here. believe me! they're not afraid of anyone. they soaked with money really.” said Bronx resident Joe Angel Herrera to USA Really. “Believe me it's terrible.”

photo: USAReally

Such thoughts act as a deterrent to most American citizens. While others, for example, are sure that they are all well.

“Yes, we're all good. We have nothing to tell you.” wrote Facebook user New Yorkrican to USA Really.

Maybe they're just afraid. Or they don't notice the news reports, which are written about the next case of death from an overdose.

Another Kentucky resident posted on his Facebook that he rented a house full of drugs and used syringes. USA Really spoke to him and here's what Shawn Goforth said.

A  USAREALLY Exclusive: The Scourge of Drug Addiction Is Spreading over the US

A  USAREALLY Exclusive: The Scourge of Drug Addiction Is Spreading over the US

“I've rented my house to amber wall and bj brunch. They have destroyed my home. Have made drugs in my home left behind heroine needles; and around 15 thousand dollars worth of property damage. Maybe it was a trade -off with the police. I've been catching these junkies for over a week. It is only by chance that casualties were not greater" said Goforth "Please share this so everyone will know to watch out for my home and also see just how truly nasty and pathetic these people are thank you.”

A  USAREALLY Exclusive: The Scourge of Drug Addiction Is Spreading over the US

A  USAREALLY Exclusive: The Scourge of Drug Addiction Is Spreading over the US

A  USAREALLY Exclusive: The Scourge of Drug Addiction Is Spreading over the US

This is what people told USA Really journalists:

“Herione is a very deadly drug ....if you have never used, don’t! My sister tried to help a young couple get back on their feet to rebuilding their lives… on Friday night they went to the drug, heroine... Saturday morning her boyfriend is dead... over dose and she is in jail charged with a crime for supplying the heroine. Please think more of the life God gave you when you go to plunge that needle in a vein.” said Willamina Labounty.

A  USAREALLY Exclusive: The Scourge of Drug Addiction Is Spreading over the US

“Smh. This is sooo false. Anything that alters the mind or body is a DRUG! Antibiotics, antidepressants, alcohol, heroine, and weed! All are considered drugs.” wrote Breana Maal.

Another factor in the increase of drug addicts is the growth of the heroin supply from Mexico and others countries.

This is one of the main reasons for Donald Trump's struggle with illegal immigrants from Mexico.

A  USAREALLY Exclusive: The Scourge of Drug Addiction Is Spreading over the US

A  USAREALLY Exclusive: The Scourge of Drug Addiction Is Spreading over the US

A  USAREALLY Exclusive: The Scourge of Drug Addiction Is Spreading over the US

In effect, over the past few years, the number of drugs, seized on the border with Mexico, has increased 3-4 times.

In addition, as we have said, most of the drug traffickers don't transport "pure" heroin now. Its composition is interfered with chemical fentanyl. This mixture is called "Crazy Horse". Which kills more people than any other type of heroin.

A  USAREALLY Exclusive: The Scourge of Drug Addiction Is Spreading over the US

Local law enforcement officers and FBI agents are not yet able to handle this problem. Instead, they turned a blind eye.

Author: USA Really