It is illegal to eat a sandwich on a railway platform BART police arrested a man
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It is illegal to eat a sandwich on a railway platform BART police arrested a man


On November 4th, at the Pleasant Hill station, a black man was detained due to the "illegal" eating of his breakfast on a railway platform. According to police reports, the man refused to name himself for issuing a citation and was also charged with resistance at arrest.

The entire conflict, from beginning to end, was captured by Steve Foster's girlfriend on the phone. The video shows how a transport police officer holds a bag of “dangerous special criminal” and says that it is forbidden at the station and therefore the passenger will be arrested in accordance with state law.

It is unclear why the "law enforcement officers" chose a "sandwich eater" for detention, although their main tasks are to capture free riders and to find drugs. Some witnesses to the incident suggested that "eating in front of other passengers is an insult to the feelings of the hungry" and therefore it was urgent to prevent this outrage.

BART later responded to a question about Foster’s detention on Twitter, indicating that the incident was pending with the Independent Police Auditor.

Returning to the reason for the arrest, the accused repeatedly asked about the reason for the interest of police officers in him and when officer D. McCormick directly stated that it was prohibited, the author of the video and the detainee asked where at least one sign indicating the ban was located, but instead of responding, the police called reinforcements that decided to deal shortly and just dragged Steve Foster away.

"I think he really needs to know that he can't approach people the way he did or talk to people the way he did just because he has a badge," Foster told KTVU. "I think I was singled out because I was black, to be honest."

On Friday, BART explained its actions. From their point of view, this was a response to the refusal to cooperate and give their name for citation. Therefore, he was arrested, fined $ 250 and will be forced to work 48 hours of community service.

At the moment, Foster considers himself a victim and intends to sue.




Author: Usa Really