Colorado Sadistic Cops torture woman with electricity tied to a chair
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Colorado Sadistic Cops torture woman with electricity tied to a chair


Recently, a video from the bodyguard of the Boulder City police sergeant was released, which shows how seven police officers tied a woman to a chair, pulled a bag over her head and tased her after being detained for smoking in the wrong place and walking the pet without a leash.

It is reported that the incident occurred 2 years ago and now the victim of police brutality intends to go to court. 34-years-old Lauren Gotthelf, was taken to the county jail, and her dog Sage, which she has for emotional support, was sent to the kennel.

During the dialogue, between a crowd of police officers, it turns out that the woman was shown that she was being placed on suicide watch. In response to this, she repeatedly said that "she did not make suicidal statements." But the sergeant does not pay attention, he must tie the woman "in the name of justice and general security."

The video is stunning with the zeal and aggressiveness that several people in uniform tie a non-dangerous woman in handcuffs to an armchair, hold by the throat, pull a “spit sock” on her head and beat by a taser.

One can see Lauren Gotthelf stunned by allegations of alleged suicidal tendencies. After she was chained to a chair, she spent 4 hours in it, motionless. Now she intends to sue the Boulder County Sheriff's Department, describing the actions of the police as “gratuitous and sadistic.”

The Police Department states that all actions involved in the torment of the woman were motivated by internal regulations and that this was "minimal amount of force required to reduce violence and ensure safety."

Gotthelf's lawyer, Mari Newman, told Inside Edition that such a procedure does not justify applying a taser to an immobilized person.

Author: Usa Really