A naked mother stabbed her son 25 times and then was shot dead by a policeman in a fight: Full Video
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A naked mother stabbed her son 25 times and then was shot dead by a policeman in a fight: Full Video


Henderson City Police released a full video of the call of the 6-year-old boy, whom the naked mother stabbed 25 times with a knife until the moment of the shot. The video from the bodycam clearly shows how a mad woman is rushing at a policeman, grabs a gun from him and manages to fire a shot before she was deadly wounded.

According to official information, the incident occurred around noon on October 21 in Henderson, Nevada. A 6-year-old child called the rescue service and, sobbing, told that his mother wanted to kill him, on the record you can hear him pleading not to harm him.

“Please don’t hurt me” says the child while talking to the 911 operator.

Police immediately departed at 10701 S. Eastern Ave. The video shows how a bloody child meets them, then one of the officers enters the apartment and a barking mad naked woman throws at him, a fight breaks out. The woman was identified as the 37-year-old Claudia Nadia Rodriguez.

“You got to kill me!” Screaming Rodriguez.

During the fight, Rodriguez reach the officer’s weapon and pulls the trigger. A shot is heard. The second officer appeared in time and fired back. The woman and her son were rushed to the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. Where later pronounced the death of a woman. According to police reports, the child will survive.

Both officers are reportedly identified as Edward Little and Patrick McCarrick. At the moment, they were sent on paid leave until the end of the investigation. According to official information, Rodriguez has repeatedly received complaints about child abuse and domestic violence. Over the past 4 years, a woman was arrested four times for domestic violence, and despite this, during the divorce proceedings, the court decided on mutual custody of the children, which led to the tragedy.

According to a video released Thursday, this is an ongoing investigation.


Author: Usa Really