Crazy anti-trump “professor” bit people during Veterans Day in Portland
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Crazy anti-trump “professor” bit people during Veterans Day in Portland


An unidentified woman provoked a fight, rushing at people during Veterans Day. At that moment, among the crowd was a professional MMA fighter, Tara LaRosa, who had to stroke a woman down.

According to LaRosa, the woman shouted insults at the people who came to the rally, but she was simply ignored. After several unsuccessful attempts to provoke a reaction from others, the woman who called herself a “professor” switched to active actions and began to rush at people.

“I’m a professor!!” the woman screamed.

Tara LaRosa immediately reacted and pressed the aggressive woman to the ground, in return the MMA fighter received a strong bite and abrasions on her knees.

“I had to break up a fight & put her down till the cops came,” LaRosa said.


It can be seen that the “professor” did not expect to be neutralized so quickly and therefore began to simulate complicated breathing in order to free herself from the LaRosa clinch. It worked, but on condition that she would quietly wait for the police.

Also, Tara LaRosa led the live broadcast throughout the conflict.


Author: Usa Really