Body of unknown woman found near wastewater treatment plant in Massachusetts
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Body of unknown woman found near wastewater treatment plant in Massachusetts


Death of a Jane Doe, whose body was found near a sewage treatment plant on Monday puzzles the Massachusetts authorities.

The mysterious victim, white woman about 20-years-old was discovered early Monday morning near the entrance to the wastewater treatment plant in the town of Athol, 40 miles northwest of Worcester. Police say that. According to a press release from the Northwestern District Attorney's Office her death is believed to be a result of a crime.

This awful finding launched the joint investigation of Athol Police Department Detectives alongside with Massachusetts State Police.

Meanwhile the authorities interviewed the residents of Athol and homeless men living in a camp near the crime scene for interrogations, and focused the investigating on the driveway leading op to the facility on Jones Street.  

And the residents of Athol all like one say that this “criminal” case is surprising because this is a small neighborhood and everybody knows each other.

“I was like, ‘are you kidding me?’” Joe Harris, Athol resident says. “And as I have told people before, this neighborhood is a great neighborhood. Everybody’s got a long ray and you know the vehicles that come in and out of here.”

The only thing the neighbors are eager to learn now is whether they are safe.

Channel NBC10 Boston in their reportage could interview the man, who didn’t want his identity to be revealed, who says he allegedly knows the dead woman.

"I only met her a couple times. She had been hanging around my girl's son. He had been hanging around his house for two weeks now, I think," the man said.

As of now no further information about Jane Doe’s real name and the cause of death is available. However, the state’s Office of the Medical Examiner located Boston promises to release the official cause of death in soon time.  


Author: Usa Really