A mother who tortured her children for content on YouTube died in prison
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A mother who tortured her children for content on YouTube died in prison


The 8-month imprisonment of a woman who abused and molested her children ended not in a sentence, but in the death of a suspect.

The owner of the YouTube channel Hackney “Fantastic Adventures,” Machelle Hackney and her two biological sons, Ryan and Logan Hackney were arrested in March. It is reported that her biological daughter reported to the police about the horrors that young children suffered for the sake of commercials.

According to the complaint, the children were starved, locked in cabinets for several days, pepper gas was sprayed on them and genitalia were mutilated. All this violence occurred if young children did not want to participate in commercials or forgot utterances on the set.

During a search of Hackney's apartments, police found pepper spray in children's rooms, also starving to death, the children were afraid to take food from the officers, as the mother severely punished for it. According to the victims, the woman “would pinch his penis and make it bleed.”

A mother who tortured her children for content on YouTube died in prison

In her defense, Machelle Hackney denied all 30 allegations of abuse and said that the punishments were only spanking and sometimes the children went to a corner.

Initially, the YouTube video platform did not want to block the channel until the end of the investigation and pleaded guilty, but after some time the site’s management, nevertheless, stopped the channel.

According to court documents, after half a year in prison, Machelle Hackney received a severe head injury and was transferred to the infirmary. In August, a court ruled that Hackney could not be tried. At the moment, the investigation is preparing an accusation to two of her accomplices and arresting the mother's assets. According to official information, about 100 thousand dollars will be transferred to seven victims in compensation.

The death of the suspect was established last Tuesday. According to prosecutors, there is too little evidence against Ryan and Logan Hackney to hold them accountable.

"Just because we are morally outraged, just because we believe they should be held accountable, if we can't prove the case - we will not bring it," Volkmer said.

Author: Usa Really