Heat Wave: Police Are Reminding People to Keep Their Pets Safe
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Heat Wave: Police Are Reminding People to Keep Their Pets Safe

photo: Guilford Police


Connecticut entered the fifth day of a heat wave on Tuesday. As the scorching weather continues and you try stay cool, remember your pets need to as well.

The Guilford Police Department is reminding residents about keeping pets safe during this hot and humid weather.

Remember to keep pets indoors and well-hydrated, and make sure pets don’t burn their paws on the hot pavement. Please don’t bring your pets along for car rides if you plan on stopping anywhere.

Even if you park in the shade, it will be too hot, at least for the next week, warns GPD in their Facebook post.

According to authorities, the law says dogs cannot be tied up outside for more than 15 minutes, even with water and shelter.

The heat index in the area is in excess of 100 degrees which will pose significant health risks to certain members of the community. Please check on your elderly and disabled neighbors to make sure they are okay. If you are concerned and cannot reach a friend or family member, please call the local police department to request a welfare check.

The hot weather is expected to continue all week long.

Author: USA Really