Video shows woman brutally attacks a Christian old man for preaching Bible on New York subway
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Video shows woman brutally attacks a Christian old man for preaching Bible on New York subway


An angry woman becomes a "hero" of the heart breaking video which is shot when she attacks a 79-year-old Christian man and brutally beats him for he was preaching Bible on a New York subway.

The violent attack happened last week on a southbound 2-train near Times Square. Passengers recorded the assault using their camera phones. The woman shocked the other passengers first when she started threatening the man saying "You better get the f*** out my mother******* face or I'll bust your head open."

The woman, whose name is unidentified, confronted an elderly man while he was preaching screaming and swearing at him. Then she did what nobody really expected and what made all fellow riders get astonished. She took her spiked stiletto heel and began striking the innocent senior citizen with it. The rider was injured with a gash on his head, bleeding and staining his shirt in blood.

Anyway, nobody of the observers didn’t interfere the attack, but one of them tried to help the poor man asking him to sit and wait for help. Otherwise the police was soon called.

The man was rushed to New York University hospital where he received 30 stitches for his wounds.

Instagram user @f.u.n.m.i.k.e, who recorded the vicious assault and injuries suffered by the 79-year-old, noted the older gentleman "didn't say anything to hurt anyone, he wasn't even loud, you could barely hear him talk but this is what he got in return."



Police tell Fox5 New York that the suspect is still at large. Witnesses describe the assailant as a 6'1" female with a dark complexion, brown eyes, and long, red hair. She was last seen wearing dark blue jeans and a beige jacket.


Author: Usa Really