Ohio to Start Issuing New Driver Licenses
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Ohio to Start Issuing New Driver Licenses

photo: Ohio BMV

OHIO — July 3, 2018

Ohio residents will soon need to prove who they are to get a new type of driver's license.

New federal requirements go into effect in October 2020 and, according to Don Petit with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, drivers looking to renew their current license just need to bring in their existing license or ID card and they will be given a so-called "standard" license that works exactly like the current ones.

The second type of license: a so-called "compliant" license – will be needed for people who fly a lot, particularly domestically. The new compliance licenses require drivers prove their full legal name, date of birth, proof of U.S. legal presence, Social Security number and their address (with at least two documents proving their address). It meets the new federal requirements and will still work as an ID for domestic air travel.

"We need to re-prove your identity and kind of mark in our system that we've done so in order to meet those federal requirements," Petit said. 

Ohio driver Linda Mallory said "It's going to be chaotic at first because of all the different pieces of ID that you need."

Another driver, Michael Moore, was concerned about the fact that the new regulations also mean there will be a change in the way drivers receive their new licenses. Now driver's licenses will come in the mail after about 10 days. "If they're going to be mailing licenses and IDs out, peoples' licenses and IDs are going to be getting stolen," Moore said.

State officials announced that they will use a secure vendor to print the new licenses off-site.

"We're really talking state-of-the-art security around the entire process," Petit said.

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