Another Challenge for DeMarcus Cousins
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Another Challenge for DeMarcus Cousins


CALIFORNIA – July 3, 2018

Former Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Pelicans center, four time All-Star, as well as World and Olympic Champion DeMarcus Cousins has agreed to a one-year contract for $5.3 million dollars with the Golden State Warriors, the team which won the last two titles in the NBA.

Scoring no less than 21 points and 10 rebounds per game on average during the last five seasons, Cousins is considered to be excellent reinforcement for the Warriors despite the fact that he is currently recovering from a surgery on his Achilles' heel that ended the regular season for him in January.

His potential signing is also a bargain for the Warriors, since Cousins will be the team's fifth All-Star. The California team will spend less on the deal than the New York Knicks spent in signing Mario Hezonja.

However, some experts have noted that Cousins has a tendency to hold the ball for too long: 2.6 seconds on average last season — this is far longer than any of the Warriors other centers.

Cousins is also weaker than many of the players in the defensive zone. While playing under the screen, he assisted his team in only 2.7% of cases, or 46 times.

Author: USA Really