Mother finally reunites with her runaway daughter after spotting her on TV interview
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Mother finally reunites with her runaway daughter after spotting her on TV interview


A woman has finally found her missing daughter after she accidently spotted her on local TV news reportage about homeless people surviving cold October weather in Denver.

When a reporter interviewed the girl he could not even imagine that this would help her finally return home and possibly start her life from the very beginning.

Alice Crawford, who struggled drug addiction, ran away from home in Dickinson, North Dakota a few months ago soon after she finished her rehab. Jill Rosenow, Alice’s mother believes that her daughter lived in fear of being sent to rehab and getting arrested on a warrant for a misdemeanor crime.

Her family didn’t have a clue where she was and what happened to her until they saw her in the News report.

The report said about the homeless people of Denver and the difficulties they face because of winter frost and other weather conditions. Alice was one of the report’s figure, who lives out in the street and who had to meet the cold without outdoor clothes after she had given her coat to a friend “in need”, who was also freezing.

“Definitely, this is death weather,” Crawford says in the interview. “If you’re not prepared for this you’re gonna die. I sleep behind a dumpster because you stay out of the wind and some of the snow doesn’t fall on you.”

The interview was broadcasted in North Dakota, where Jill Rosenow — the girl’s mother — saw it.

“It was one of those most heartbreaking moments of my life. I cried seeing her that vulnerable on camera,” Jill tells Marc Sallinger, the same journalist, who interviewed her daughter.

Eventually, the woman decided to find her daughter on her own with a help of other family members. Five family members flew to Denver on November 12. The starting point of the search was a place across the street from Civic Central Park, where the interview took place, according to Sallinger.

The family split up, staking out the park, a local McDonald’s that Crawford was rumored to frequent, the 16th Street Mall, Union bus station, and a homeless shelter where Rosenow sat across from with a pair of binoculars to watch the front door. “Some days, we’d be on the streets until 2 a.m.,” she says.

Crawford had been found in Union Station by Rosenow’s step-sister Theresa Brown.

“We walked into the restroom thinking it was empty and the last stall was occupied, and as I was getting ready to go into my stall, we heard her [Alice’s] voice,” Brown told.

Mother finally reunites with her runaway daughter after spotting her on TV interview

“Finding Alice was amazing, but I didn’t allow myself to feel anything until she was in my arms and we were bawling like babies,” Rosenow tells. “I said to her, ‘Don’t you ever do this to me again.’”

Author: Usa Really