Article says Californians settle down on water due to the increasing home prices
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Article says Californians settle down on water due to the increasing home prices


Fox News reports in the article by Claudia Cowan about new trend of living in California among the people who can’t afford to live on land due to the home prices in the Bay Area. People go to live on the water, dropping anchor near cities like Sausalito, and living on Richardson Bay, rent-free.

The number of these so-called "anchor-outs" has doubled in recent years, the article says, and more than 100 people comprise a community some liken to a floating homeless shelter.

Sausalito Police Chief John Rohrbacher say these anchor-outs cause some problems due to the fact that some vessels are not in good order so they are barely afloat not to saying about the staff they carry on board such as generators, grills, tarps, and all kinds of household items.

Besides, the squatting on the bay is illegal.

"It's a safety issue for responding first responders fire or police if we have to go on board," Rohrbacker said. "But it's also a safety hazard for the people that live on it because they can't get off."

Other dangers include boats that break anchor in storms, flying debris, and the environmental damage caused by dumped trash and human waste, police say.

Connie Strycker, who owns a waterfront home in the posh city of Belvedere, says anchor outs are often nautically inexperienced.

"They're really coming over with a lethal weapon--a very heavy boat--that smashes into our docks and our decks and causes very expensive damage to our homes," Strycker says.

But in Sausalito, a concerted crackdown on anchor-outs has reduced the number of illegal vessels from 90 in 2017 to just over a dozen today. Police admit some liveaboards just sailed somewhere else.

For now, Sausalito is giving a pass, more or less, to a handful of so-called "legacy anchor-outs" who've lived on the water for decades, and know how to keep themselves and their boats safe.

Author: Usa Really