The lawsuit says that TikTok secretly transfers personal data to China
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The lawsuit says that TikTok secretly transfers personal data to China


Earlier, TikTok management assured the US government that all personal data is stored exclusively on American servers, but after a recent lawsuit filed with the California District Court, it turned out that confidential information was duplicated on Chinese resources.

At the moment, the widely popular application is under the scrutiny of the US security service, which suspects TikTok developers of sending personal information of Americans to Chinese servers.

A California college student, Misty Hong, accuses the company of intentionally transferring personal data, including biometric data and face scans, to ByteDance servers ( and located in China.

“Hong’s suit takes issue with the process of posting a video on TikTok, alleging that in between recording a video and posting it, an intermediary stage saves the video and transfers the video to ByteDance’s servers without the user’s knowledge. Hong alleges that after she downloaded TikTok in March or April 2019, the app made an account for her using her phone number—despite the fact that she never signed up—that it created a dossier on her by analyzing several videos she never posted. The information on her, the suit contends, included a scan of her face,” The source says The Daily Beast.

These servers are owned by the Tencent which hold a monopoly on software development in China.




Author: Usa Really