White Americans actively demonized in the USA
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White Americans actively demonized in the USA


The United States is a country that is built on inequality. The Indians were annihilated, the Africans were enslaved, even the Irish, who are not just white, but also Europeans, were considered second-class people. More details in the material of the Federal Agency of News.

White man - bane of life

However, the story has its own special sense of humor. In the 21st century, everything changed exactly the other way round. In the modern United States, the fiend of evil is a white heterosexual man who openly adheres to the Christian faith (it does not matter which of its variants).

In the United States, almost all the time, someone fought for their rights: Native Americans, black slaves, women, sexual minorities, and others. And always one or another political force used this in their selfish interests.

White Americans actively demonized in the USA

So, speculation on other people's problems and many years of political intrigue led to the fact that instead of a society of universal equality and prosperity, not only a society was formed in the United States, but also a whole system of worldview that could not exist without someone's remorse. And, of course, payment.

Propaganda of “white guilt”

Today we have witnessed that life expectancy, the state of health, primarily mental, as well as the material welfare of white Americans is declining simply at a monstrous pace. At the same time, do not forget that it is the white Americans who pay the bulk of taxes to the budget of the country, serve in the armed forces and are engaged in research work. But the constant and extremely intense drumming the idea that the white Americans are guilty of everything and obligate to everyone, discourages them from any desire to take the initiative.

In addition, the propaganda of “white guilt” has completely destructive consequences. White begins to hate everyone whom they supposedly owe. They begin to share not just conservative, but right-wing views.

White Americans actively demonized in the USA

At the same time, among ethnic and sexual minorities, there is a growing belief that they should not work and study. And indeed they do not want to make any efforts to achieve their goals. instead of this, the media convinces them that white heterosexual Americans should give them everything.

The main danger of "White Guilt" ideology is the risk of civil conflict within the United States. White Americans have a huge amount of weapons and are perfectly able to self-organizing.

As soon as white Americans find themselves as an oppressed group, they will fight for their rights. But since this cannot be done in the legal field within the framework of the dominant liberal ideology in the USA, their struggle can take on not just a violent, but an armed character.

Image: Global Look Press / Go Nakamura, Global Look Press / Ron Sachs, / CC0 Public Domain

Author: Andrey Aglaumov

Author: Usa Really