Drugs for “Friends”?
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Drugs for “Friends”?


NEW JERSEY — July 4, 2018

Another controversial case of potential entrapment occurred today in New Jersey, in what some are calling an abuse of police authority.

Thomas McWain, 31, an officer of West Deptford Police Department, allegedly provoked suspects to provide narcotics for a gathering the officer himself had organized. When the suspects arrived, McWain arrested them on sight. The motivation for the arrest?  Those targeted were then sentenced to rehabilitation at a rehab center with which the officer had a prior arrangement; a deal which included financial incentives for providing the center with new patients.

After an interior investigation was initiated, McWain proceeded to delete the incriminating text messages he had sent to potential drug users, prosecutors say.

However, officer McWain's defense claims that the officer was simply doing his job, arresting criminals in possession of illegal narcotics. The defense denies the charges of entrapment, as well as the alleged financial incentives.

USA Really will continue to follow the case as it develops.

Author: USA Really