Illegals again bypass the "Impassable Wall" using only a rope-ladder
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Illegals again bypass the "Impassable Wall" using only a rope-ladder


More than 3 million views, a viral video was collected in which three unknowns, without any difficulties, overcome the wall separating the United States and Mexico. A multi-million dollar national border security project sponsored from the pockets of taxpayers once again failed.

On December 4th, a photojournalist based in Palm Springs, California, J. Omar Ornelas, tweeted a funny video where men easily climb a wall and glide along vertical pillars down from the other side. At the moment, it is not known where and when exactly this video was shot.

The video shows that at the moment of penetration into the territory of the USA, a border patrol car drives up to the place, but one illegal man manages to escape by jumping over another obstacle. At the same time, two other accomplices remove the rope ladder and remain in Mexico. To date, the Border Guard has not reported whether the trespasser has been arrested.

And although this video shows that the border guards arrived on time, this incident once again demonstrates the inability of the "WALL" to protect the US borders. Over the past few months, this case has become more than one.

Earlier, traces of damage to the border structure in other places were discovered. We reported that smugglers and refugees use hand tools to cut holes in metal barriers.

Also a hole in the protective wall was discovered near Campo, California. In this case, the hole was so large that a truck was able to drive through it.

At the time of publication, the video has collected more than 21 thousand retweets and 67.5 thousand likes.



Image: / The White House

Author: Usa Really