South Carolina police officer shoots an innocent woman during a fight with her drunk son
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South Carolina police officer shoots an innocent woman during a fight with her drunk son


The police investigated the case of shoplifting and, having arrived at the house of the alleged suspect, the officer was involved in a physical conflict that ended in shooting, during which one woman was injured.

Officer-involved shooting occurred in Greer on October 20th at around 12:10 p.m. Greenville County deputies, guided by video evidence of shoplifting, identified the suspect as 40-year-old Sean Theodore Kaiser.

The video shows that while reading the suspect rights, he is trying to go back into the house. The officer grabs his sleeve t-shirt and also enters the house. At the same time, a woman appears in the frame, later identified as Dianne Maros.

Maros did not confront the officer. Moreover, the woman who is the mother of the suspect urged her son to surrender. A short dialogue takes place between Maros and the officer, which infuriates Kaiser and he pushes the policeman. The officer takes out a weapon and shoots, but the bullet does not hit the attacker, but injures the woman standing behind him.

It is reported that the suspect was detained by other officers who arrived at the scene. Dianne Maros was rushed to the hospital for hospitalization.

Sean Theodore Kaiser was charged with the resisting arrest with assault and assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature on an officer. In addition, Kaiser was charged with shoplifting by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. After a physical examination, the detainee was taken to Greenville County Detention Center.

The investigation is ongoing. The officer was sent on administrative leave before the end of the investigation. But already at this stage, the authorities claim that the actions of the policeman were lawful and necessary. Below is a video with comments from officials.


Author: Usa Really