Right-Wing Activist Ed Martin Cautions That Erasing Gender Differences Can Be Ruinously For Society
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Right-Wing Activist Ed Martin Cautions That Erasing Gender Differences Can Be Ruinously For Society


In his November podcast, Ed Martin spoke about feminism, “gender-neutral bathrooms,” and about allowing men who identify as women to attend battered women’s shelters.

“Pro-family advocates warned of gender-neutral bathrooms and men in battered women’s shelters. Back in the day, feminists and pundits laughed these claims off as ridiculous. Today, they’ve changed their tune. Not only do they want to scrub common sense gender distinctions from society, but they want to call anyone a bigot if they don’t conform.”

In support of his words, Martin cited as an example, Secretary for Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson, who was later branded as “transphobic” and “bigoted” for his views on the need to separate traumatized women from “strange and confused men”.

“That is the case for Dr. Ben Carson, who serves as our Secretary for Housing and Urban Development. He told HUD staff that women’s shelters were concerned about “big, hairy men” claiming to be transgender women in order to gain admission. The women who go to battered women’s shelters are going there because they and their children have been traumatized, likely by an abusive relationship with a man. The last thing we need to do is force them to share bedrooms and shower facilities with strange and confused men. Yet, Dr. Carson was lambasted across mainstream and social media for being “transphobic” and “bigoted.””

Martin also recalled a case when a teacher from Virginia was fired due to the use of the “wrong” pronoun in relation to a transgender child.

“That’s not the only way liberals are trying to wipe gender distinctions from our society. A high school French teacher in Virginia was fired for refusing to refer to a female student by male pronouns rather than female pronouns. He didn’t do it to be bigoted. No one contests that he always showed the utmost respect for all of his students. Yet, he felt his religious beliefs prevented him from ignoring the biological reality of his student’s sex.”

In conclusion, Ed Martin urged the left to stop fighting biology and to devote all efforts to help gender-confused people.

“The left may use transgenderism to continue their crusade to make America gender-neutral, but fighting biology is an uphill battle. We need to give gender-confused people the counseling they need, not play into their destructive delusion by punishing those who stand for truth.”

Author: Usa Really