Pennsylvania state representative has robbed a charity fund for years
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Pennsylvania state representative has robbed a charity fund for years


On Wednesday, Pennsylvania prosecutors indicted 53-year-old Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell (D). According to official information, Muslim Pennsylvania state lawmaker admitted embezzlement of half a million dollars for personal purposes.

“The money went to buy designer clothing, multiple fox coats, payments on a Porsche, tuition for a relative and travel to Mexico and Florida. They said she also spent $8,000 on criminal restitution from a 2014 conviction for not paying unemployment taxes,” reports The Associated Press.

In addition to allegations of theft, the Attorney General's Office represented by Josh Shapiro has evidence against Johnson-Harrell of perjury, tampering with public records and other crimes.



“60 public officials who have broken the trust given to them by the people of Pennsylvania. This # is startling, frustrating and sad. Pennsylvanians deserve better. They deserve good, honest leadership. My office will keep rooting out public corruption — wherever we find it,” Shapiro wrote on Facebook.

The looted charity fund is reportedly intended to help those living with chronic mental illness, intellectual disabilities and substance abuse disorders. On Wednesday, Movita Johnson-Harrell voluntarily surrendered to the Philadelphia authorities and also announced that she would leave her House seat in a week.

"She told The Associated Press at that time that the debt went back more than a decade, from a business that helped people with special needs. She said an accountant advised her that if she had appealed in time, she would not have owed anything."

The prosecutor's office said that the fund’s accounts were arrested and all activities were suspended until the end of the investigation.





Author: Usa Really