Back to the past or American Conservatism
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Back to the past or American Conservatism


The whole world has got used to the idea that The United States is the most progressive democracy of our time, which is partially true. But only partially. On the other hand, it might be a discovery for some people that some States abide the conservative and even archaic political views.  And 2016 elections proved that.

Thus, an average American citizen would rather abide the conservative views than liberal ones. He would attend church, support the right to buy and own a gun, support the aggressive politics of the US military forces in any corner of the world. He would not even say it out loud, but he might still consider women the property of men, the black people and the Mexicans the second-class people, and the representatives of sex minorities – mentally ill people who need treatment.

Conservative philosophy and ideologies have the right to be and even be functional. Conservative views allow us to preserve and use the most valuable experience of previous generations, as well as a sober attitude to any innovations. However, in modern conditions, conservatives have increasingly difficult to maintain the image of rational and reasonable men. The media and the liberal public turn them into the source of all evil and any manifestation of injustice.

The Republican party has always been mainstay of conservative ideology in the United States. But, stagnation and old enough age of the majority of its members who sit in the US Senate, not only constantly reduce its popularity, but also don’t let the correctly and promptly respond to their voters’ requests. Today, Donald Trump is the one who remains the mainstay of conservative thought in the United States. And he will try to be reelected the next year.

A gap between the request of the main part of society and the fact that the political establishment is offering it in the short term may lead to the fact that voters will radicalize and self-organize in order to defend their beliefs. In fact, for the first time in its history, the United States may encounter a situation where power ceases to represent the interests of most citizens.


Author: Usa Really