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“Epstein didn’t kill himself”, or how one of the creators in California Art gallery wrote “Epstien”. Well, all adequate society has come to terms with the fact that contemporary art goes beyond the understanding of mere mortals. But this story needs to be started from the very beginning, but it all started with the fact that there was a banana, the most ordinary banana, initially flaunted on that wall fixed by a scotch tape, which critics estimated at 120 thousand dollars. USA, really?

Later, the famous comedian ate that poor banana, as he then explained he just was hungry. And when this masterpiece was eaten, one of the customers decided that he was some kind of Banksy and wrote with a lipstick “Epstien didn’t kill himself”. It’s funny that the one who ate the banana wasn’t charged but the guy with a lipstick was charged with vandalism. Apparently, the gallery management follows only the newest trends in arts and doesn’t follow the loud court lawsuits. But that’s quite a different story already.

The news that combines two news at a moment. The first is an alteration between the teacher and the student because of the pro-Trump pin, and the second is the beating of a white guy by a group of the black teenagers because of MAGA hat.

Well the first case is pretty obvious. The authorized teacher there decided just to abuse his power and to impose his political views on the young mind and didn’t find a better argument than using his physical power.  Good for him, what?  The man!

The second case is much more interesting. First of all, that racist beating was provoked by the political views of a 14-year-old boy. Now everybody pictured in his head how the “white supremacy” walks down on the black population but no! Bite it, guys. Here we have a group of five black guys that assaulted the young boy in the school bus. And you know what. Police didn’t take it as a hate crime. I assume that we just have to accept this, but on the other hand we can for a second imagine what would have happened if a group of white guys had attacked for example the Obama’s supporter. Just imagine this.  Doesn’t it seem to you that it stinks like double standards in here, ah? How come that the black in such cases are mostly the victims?

Ok, here we have the news about the American business basics, or in another way “how the American civilization was natured.” Shortly, a teacher at one of the Missouri schools in terms of a school assignment offered his students to set a price on a slave! Goddamn, we are living in the 21th century and you, moron, instead of teaching the kids the basic morals, offer the fifth graders to value a human being as a slave? Jesus Christ! Ok, we all understand that the States were built up on capitalism, but to my mind the era of slavery if has not passed away completely but skillfully disguised itself in the modern day economic order which we habitually call democracy.   

Speaking of discrimination by the way. The craziness over the skin color has already become some kind of a common thing in the US juridical system. Here is a fare example for you how to make a racist of a white fella and even show him as a terrorist because of the “It’s Okay to be White” flyers. The poor guy just deployed the flyers and he was interrogated by the FBI anti-terror department.


Author: Usa Really